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Question about cell phone service

September 30th, 2010 at 03:54 pm

We have MetroPCS cell phone for our business (but not for long), basically because it was a flat-rate, cheap phone service. I thought it would cover the needs of the business, as we're a local lawn service and don't need much.


We can't call a cell phone with a Hawaii area code! MetroPCS says that it is because Hawaii is an international call in their books.

So, the question for me is this: is it typical for Hawaii to be an international call from a cell phone? Also, we need a lot of monthly minutes for the biz cell phone, which is why I was attracted to something like a flat rate. If you have any advice as to who I should look at for cell phone service, I will gladly take it!

8 Crayons

August 25th, 2009 at 01:27 pm

School started this week. And, as always, a list of school supplies came home last Friday at the teacher meet-n-greet. On the list, among other things, a 16-count box of crayons.

In case you are out of the elementary school loop, a 24-count box of crayons costs around $0.22 - $0.25, on sale. A 16-count box cost around $1.50 (I know!). So I purchased the 24-count. If it really makes a difference, we can purge the extra 8 and call it a day.

DS's teacher (2nd grade) made it a point to say "I did not want the 24-count box, I asked for the 16". So DS assumes I need to rush right out and get the right count. Um, yeah right!

So... I'm trying to decide how best to handle this. I explained to DS that he has the 16 crayons he needs, and he's fine with that. I'm not sure how to handle the teacher. I don't want to be a thorn in her side, but I wonder if teachers know the price difference or if they don't care. What's the big deal if there's 8 extra crayons?

So help me - what am I missing here? How would you handle this? Would you rush out and buy the 16-count? I can tell you I'm not doing that, but I want the teacher to know I support her and that I'm not trying to run my own agenda. It just doesn't make sense to me.


March 21st, 2009 at 02:25 pm

I have a wonderful day to myself today, thanks to MIL taking the girls and DH and DS at a skateboard campout. Hooray for me! So I drop DHs truck off for a diagnostic. It just needs a tune-up (plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, serpentine belt, hose that goes to the pvc valve).



I don't even know why I took it in, because we could do all of that for about $100. I know better.

Hitting a Brick Wall

February 26th, 2009 at 06:24 pm

Work again (afterschool enrichment program at a local middle school).

Remember that we're laid-off right now, and DH is starting a lawn care business. So I've no money to spend on the many fun concoctions I love to do at work with my kids. So I've submitted a list, received approval, for supplies I need. Head Honcho Lady (HHL) promises she'll buy our supplies (does not want me to purchase and then reimburse me for reasons unknown to me - I've already tried that route).

HHL has not delivered. The kids are getting a little tired of empty promises and so am I.

It doesn't stop there, oh no. I'm supposed to be teaching the Home Ec. portion of the enrichment program. So we're into week 5 and I STILL don't have the Home Ec. room at my disposal. HHL has spoken to the principal, who just needs to speak to the Home Ec. teacher. Principal is on-board to let us use it. We (the kids, really) have written a proposal/petition and handed it over to HHL to give to principal (trying to nudge principal and let her know we'll take care of the facility). Went to HHL's office and there the petition sat on her desk. She saw it and quickly moved it, thinking I hadn't seen it yet.

I'm about to pull my hair out! I am running out of ideas on how to work around this problem. Any suggestions?

Once again, the job

January 30th, 2009 at 01:27 pm

Last night was chaotic. For starters, I did not realize that some of these "middle school" students are 16 - 17 years old! Some have been in middle school for almost 6 years.

Well, those particular kids are the kids the city has placed in this program to keep them off the streets. The problem is that too many other kids want to be as cool as them, so they mimic all their bad behaviors. The program director's hands are tied because she can't kick them out collectively (though she plans to eliminate a few).

I'm sad and angry. Sad because they will continue to fall through the cracks and likely end-up in prison. Angry because these kids act bad and really disrupt everything! But what do you do? Tainting those kids who have a greater hope is certainly something you want to avoid.

Started Job Yesterday

January 27th, 2009 at 01:44 pm

My new job is working in an afterschool program for at-risk students (middle school) that really should not go home for one reason or another (no one there, so they'll run the streets, etc.).

There are some kids with behavioral problems (disrespect, for one). The administrators DO NOT tolerate it, and kick the kids out if they don't comply. Part of me feels sorry for those guys, but there is a waiting list of kids that want to come and the disrespectful kids are ruining the experience for the others. Glad for followed-through rules.

I've been assigned to the 8th graders who are failing. But I also worked with 6th graders last night. Some of those guys cannot do the math that my 1st grader can do, much less to grade level. They couldn't do long division, they were counting on their fingers, etc. Some really, really couldn't understand that on a graph your numbers have to be equally spaced in order for the graph to make sense. So if these passing 6th graders are at this level, I shudder to see where the failing 8th graders are. Wow. I hope I can help, but I'm used to private tutoring people who care about their education. This is definitely a shift for me.

Ticked Off!!!!!

December 29th, 2008 at 08:27 pm

What... is the universe out to get us or what? DHs old job is now being advertised! How in the H-e-double hockey sticks can they just ditch what they owe him under the guise of Chapter 11 and then refill the stupid position? Better yet, why do we even care?

We're changing our last name to Bitterman.

How much can I blame someone else for my troubles?

October 22nd, 2008 at 02:16 pm

I walked into Walgreens today only to hear right off the bat how it's all Bush's fault for the economic troubles we face (3 Wags employees standing around talking). Now, I'm not taking a stance on this one - that's not my point.

Here's my point: how many people would rather find someone else to blame for their woes, when they could have really impacted/made better their own lives with a better attitude? Too much time is wasted looking to shed our accountability and blame someone else.

Memorial Day - Where was everyone???

May 27th, 2008 at 01:24 am

We took the kids to a couple of family grave sites, visited DH's grandmother, then went to the mall. I figured it would be packed, but it was like a ghost town. I was surprised! I figured lots of folks would be out and about, but the highways were pretty dead, too.

Wal-Mart's "Right Price Guanantee" - Phooey!

March 8th, 2008 at 02:02 am

I've always assumed that if something rings up the wrong price when you're checking out, then you either 1. get $3 off of your total order, or 2. get the item free (which ever is less). Not so, my friend. If you decide to tell the cashier that the price is wrong and s/he corrects it, the RPG is not put into play. Apparently, You have to have paid for the item at the wrong price and then go to the Customer Service desk to get the $ back. Technically, the print on the checkstand about the Right Price Guarantee says if Wal-Mart charges you the wrong price, then the guarantee comes into play. Do you know how much of a hassle this is with anywhere from 2 to 4 kids in tow? They must bank on the fact that it is too much of a hassle for most people to deal with.

I hate you, Dinner!

March 7th, 2008 at 10:23 pm

Why, oh why does dinner have to come at the end of the day when I'm ready to go to bed? We're having sandwiches tonight because I haven't planned well and so I'm not prepared for anything else.

Embarrassment~~~~ to you, Dinner!

Need to focus more on the positive

September 6th, 2007 at 07:58 pm

I have to think more positively on this financial journey! I have caught myself becoming too discouraged when our EF has dwindled because of unforseen problems with the van and with the house AC. That's what the EF is for, and if this had happened pre- financial cogniscience (sp), we would have put it on the credit card.

So, instead of whining, I'll be thankful and keep working toward our goals.